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Learn to design compression, extension, and torsional springs with Spring Creator, our free spring calculator. Here are several types of calculators where the titles are defined by the descriptive content that'll teach you different areas of spring design and help you achieve the best design possible.

Look at the category of your interest and click on a link to be directed to a calculator along with a technical article on that subject.

Torsional Spring Calculator

  • Torsion Spring Design PDF
  • Torsion Spring Calculations
  • Torsion Springs Calculator



Other Design Calculators

  • Coil Spring Calculations and Definition
  • Coil Spring Design Basics
  • Deflection of Compression, Extension and Torsion Springs
  • Spring Design Help
  • Spring Pitch Calculator
  • Spring Potential Energy Equation Calculator
  • Spring Stiffness Calculator
  • Spring Travel Distance Calculator

Calculator Instructions

  • Spring Creator Blueprint Explanation
  • Compression Spring Calculator Instructions
  • Extension Spring Calculator Instructions
  • Torsion Spring Calculator Instructions

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